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Enabling digital experience to Healthcare Industry with Customized and Intuitive Healthcare Management System.

We develop custom hospital automation solutions as per Hospital’s requirements and processes for diagnosis, laboratory testing and operations. Our comprehensive Healthcare Management System takes care of complete Hospital Management including Patient care, Hospital Staff and facilities under one roof with our Digital Experience Medical management portal that sets you a class apart.

Challenges in healthcare management

  • Challenges related capacity to assemble and keep up precise data about patients.
  • Issues related to productivity, quality and paper-based procedures.
  • Hospital staff does not gain in-depth insights to deliver the best to their patients regarding time and comfort due to lack of technology.
  • Absence of precision in patient information, duplication, loss of some medicinal documents.
  • Usability and user-friendliness are another key challenges.

ideal solutions

Comprehensive Solution

Use of comprehensive solution which provides end-to-end capabilities to address the numerous aspects of Business Management and Clinical Management.


Everyday processes go simple, communication channels work accurate, waiting times go down, real time information to clinicians and staff, costs are reduced, operations get streamlined, performance and productivity improves and profit level go high.

Thorough Suite

Thorough suite of software applications functionally made for dealing with the unstructured data and uncontrolled processes in multiple areas in a hospital.

Clinical Decision Improvements

An HMS allows accurate data to flow freely to the right people to make informed decisions. Whether it’s clinical decisions, medications, diagnosis reports and insurance records, all information is available with a single click to the doctors, clinical professionals in all cases including emergency situations to make better decisions.

Security Improvements

A fully integrated software ensures vital medical, financial and clinical information being stored on secure servers. It also saves unauthorized access to data with hospital administrators have full control over user access to records. Preventing accidental data loss and record leakages from systems with stringent security policy and compliance.

Quality and Compliance

Compliance with both local, federal and international norms for many contagious, critical and life-saving procedures is a must for every hospital. An HMS helps both your care staffers and hospital managers to know what’s Essential, Expected and Excepted for quality procedures and compliance certificates with electronic data.

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With a whole new way to communicate, intuitive designs and zero learning curve, we aspire to make you fall in love with heathcare management platforms all over again.

Digiclay's HMS Modules
  • Reception Management

    This module includes the interaction of the visitors to hospital authorities. It deals with inquiries or request for information from visitors and all inquiries and appointment are fixed through this module.

  • Patient Registration (OPD & Indoor)

    The registration contains patient’s general and demographic details, and by this, they are allocated with a unique identification and registration number. The patient gets new registration number on his every visit to hospital whereas his unique identification number remains the same during his all subsequent visits.

  • Out Patient Management

    ‘Outpatient’ refers to a patient who after the registration goes to the consultation chamber where the consultant diagnoses and medicines and investigation to the patient. A patient's impression of the hospital begins at the OPD, and therefore it is essential to ensure that OPD services provide an excellent experience for customers.

  • Payroll

    Having a good payroll system integrated into HMS calculates the paying wages/salary, tax deductions, attendance, leave records, deductions, etc. This module also generates salary slip and other related reports. It can show statistics of each calculation and how it arrived at that total.

  • OPD Billing

    OPD Billing module can fetch all the charges incurred by the patients at different departments within the hospital. Services like lab investigations done, medicines issued, the fee for consultation, and miscellaneous expenses will automatically get updated on the OPD Billing module.

  • Investigations Reporting

    This module takes care of all the pathology and Imaging services. This module covers X-Ray, CT scan, and MRI test. It includes registration, billing, test reports and also shows the status of various tests whether they are done, pending, on hold, etc.

  • Financial Accounting

    This module is linked with hospital billing module. You get the online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred. There is no need to enter the revenue entries as they are already fetched from the billing module. All relevant information for the staff salary/wages, consultant share, etc. is available.

  • Medical Record data (MRD) Management

    This data includes patient history, observation, diagnosis and therapeutic conclusions along with the details of the tests and serves as a source of information for any analysis and research. The purpose of this module is to utilize the patient’s medical information and use it for analysis thereby improving patient care.